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There are no products or free items on this site (although there links to such) since it is purely an information portal for yours truly. If you want to find out more about my credentials and what I do and have done in the past, then you're in the right place - just click on the About Me button in the title bar.

If you're looking for training or help and information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, or professional books and music, then you will find at least a good starting point on this page - just click on the relevant button above.

If you're looking for therapy, although I no longer see new clients, I am in contact with many hundreds of therapists and it's a certainty that I will at least be able to recommend a reputable and conscientious professionally trained therapist to help with your difficulties. This would possibly even be somebody trained in my own school with whose work I am totally familiar. So if you wnat help with something, please do contact me and ask who I might recommend. You can click on the Contact button above to contact me directly.

It's fair to say that even though I no longer see new clients, I certainly don't sit around just growing older! You can find the results of my research and writing in many places around the word of the Internet and in many bookshops, too.

Terence Watts

Some of my work

The items listed below are for both therapists and users, though only the top four are truly suitable for 'end users'. You can find any of these products on my main website,, which was established in 1996 and remains one of the most popular sites for therapists around the wrorld, mainly because of the huge amount of resource that is offered there. Most of the products are also available on Amazon, of course.

  • BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT®) Without doubt the most important thing I have ever created in my entire life! First taught in 2013, then greatly enhanced as it became steadily more obvious just how powerful it actually was, it has existed in its present form since Octboer 2014 and is gaining huge respect among psychlogy and psychotherapy professionals/.
  • Warriors, Settlers & Nomads When you read this book you'll never look at anybody ins the same way again - especially yourself!
  • 7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Depression A 7 step programme you can carry out at home to make anxiety a thing of the past.
  • The Secret Life of Love and Sex A book about relationships, available from June 27 2014
  • Smashing Depression As the title suggests, a a full programme to smash your way out of depression. Available from late 2014
  • Rapid Cognitive Therapy - A therapist's guide to truly rapid changework
  • HYPNOSIS: Advanced Techniques... A 'Therapists Bible' of dozens of therapeutic interventions for the Hypnotherapist's office
  • Sorting Out Sex A therapist's guide on working with psychosexual dysfunction - the book of the training course
  • BroadBand for the Brain A methodology for working effectively with the autonomic nervous system
  • Hypnosense shopping Many more books and manuals, Royalty-free background music and video Masterclasses for the professional

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I'm also the Chairman of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy ( and the National Council of Psychotherapists and Counsellors ( both of which have registers of ethical and professionally trained therapists.


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